Places to Visit

Upon the northernmost tip of the Nilgiris, connecting the Eastern & Western Ghats lies the somewhat lesser known pristine forests of Biligirirangan Hills.
The original inhabitants of these forest areas are a tribal community called Soligas. For hundred of years this region has been the home for the semi-nomadic Soliga tribe.
Gorukana is a community based one of a kind Eco-Tourism project of the Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra where all benefits go to the developement of the people and the conservation of the Wildlife and Nature of BR Hills.
To bring together the complementary strengths of Eco-Tourism, wildlife travel and VGKK’s deep understanding of tribal development and bio-diversity conservation.
Ten tastefully done up cottages, a tree house and a tent house, along with a slew of nature activities such as Wildlife Safari’s, trekking, birdwatching, and visits to Tribal Hamlets. 

They  also have an Ayurvedic Health Center for those interested in Ayurvedic Massages.
Things To Do @ Gorukana
At Gorukana, you can set your own pace
. Sit by the lake and watch the kingfisher making a vertical dive for its lunch or gaze at the clouds from the hammock, as the langur monkeys alert the forest of a passing predator.
Or simply lie back in your cottage or tent and catch up on your reading.

Take a jeep safari and try your luck at spotting larger animals. Bring along your camera and capture jungle drama if that is your idea of a holiday. Trained Soliga naturalists, who’ve lived here all their lives, and who have been trained by highly qualified professionals, share their knowledge and love for the forest and the animals.

If trekking or birdwatching is your thing, our trained naturalist will take you on a trek and interpret the language of the forest for you.

Take a short walk to visit a Podu (Tribal Hamlet) and learn how the Soligas have lived since time immemorial in the forests of BR Hills.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Center
Our Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Centre, set in the midst of a peaceful lake, has trained experts from Kerala to soothe sore muscles and ease the pressures of city life.

Cultural Experience
Experience local tribal and culinary experiences including the Tribal Resource Center and share the culture and history of the Soliga tribe. Peer at artifacts dated 800 BC and marvel at such sophistication way before Google entered our lives. Out here, there are no traffic jams. Unless you count the clamoring sambhars at the salt lick.

This is a fairly modern concept that integrates the best of travel and volunteering.
maybe even take a class for our students, help us on our organic farm, harvest vegetables and herbs that you will enjoy for dinner, picked by your own hands or even work on our dairy farm!
There is a lot you will take back from each of these unique experiences, and you can take our word for it, these experiences will leave a lasting impression on your mind!

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