Life in Bangalore ! A gastronomy guide

Hey There .

Welcome to a brand new one of a kind Experience .

Every week  , we visit a new scenario in Bangalore .

I had some family down , decided to take them to the

quintessential Karavalli – The Gateway Hotel by Taj .

The interiors of Karavalli are inspired by a traditional Mangalorean house, featuring a wooden ceiling, furniture, antique seafarers maps, and a variety of antiques from times of the French and English occupation of India.

For alfresco dining, the restaurant offers an open-air courtyard, a verandah and a garden with a zen pond .

Karavalli serves ethnic South west coast cuisine – Mangalore, Karwar, Coorg, Goa and Malabar.

Created from a wealth of local spices red chilies, coconut, pepper, fresh fish, meats and vegetables of the coast, the cuisine of the Bunts of Mangalore, the Coorgs, the Malayalees and the Portuguese of Goa are a delight to the senses.

Chef Naren Thimmaiah’s menu offers stews and curries to be relished with light and fluffy sannas and neer dosas.

Vegetarians might find the aroma of fish a trifle overpowering but they cannot complain about the lack of choice.

Cheap & Best

The best of Bangalore’s colourful darshinis.

In my search for some of Bangalore’s most well kept secrets – Our darshini’s, though I  rather be hosting a show on Travel & Living.

My vast knowledge of the Bangalore foodie scene and my contagious enthusiasm will help anyone find , the perfect place .

Okay , where do we start ,

Lets start in Basavanagudi with the legendary  Vidyarthi Bhavan

(6.30-11.30am, 2-8pm, Fridays closed). The best way to locate this nondescript place is to look for a small crowd of people trying to enter it the whole time that the doors are open. Vidyarthi offers sit-down meals, which does make for more convivial conversation. The matter-of-fact menu features only staples like idlis, kara bath and rava kesari and their legendary masala dosa (Rs 25) is the most expensive item on the list.











A huge haunt in South Bangalore is Vidyarthi Bhavan .

V.V. Puram’s food street-by-night, near the Sajjan Rao Circle, kicks off late evening and keeps bustling into the night for as long as people come.

Try the line-up of everything from hot-off-the-pan gobi manchurian and Shivanna’s gulkand with ice cream.

V.B. Bakery (6.30am-11pm, closed on Mondays), at one end of the food street, is the area’s old mother hen. Go for their sigh-inspiring dumrot (grated pumpkin in khoa


NANDOS in Bangalore on church street




There’s a new coffee shop in town called Matteo

Total value for money .

F.Y.I. Students !! This is totally value for money .

Quick tips .

Bangalore as we know it,  is the quintessential capital of coffee shops and Pub Capital .

Its been a  while since we’ve had a place that serves decent food & coffee at reasonable rates.

It’s either cardboard sandwiches and watered down drinks or decent-ish food & drink which’re ultra expensive (220 for a club sandwich? Really?!)

Matteo’s a refreshing change from this scene.

Are they breaking new ground in terms of what they serve?

No, not quite. They serve your coffeeshop staples like burgers, croissants  sandwiches and pastas  at reasonable rates.

The taste and the quantity are also significantly better than that of Matteo’s older counterparts.

Similarly, the drinks are tall and not the watered down, ice-cube filled types we’ve all become inured to.

Matteo’s simply massive, with tons of seating place both inside and outside. You’re pretty certain to snag a good place to sit unless it’s a sale Saturday on Brigade Rd.

They’ve also done a pretty decent job on the interiors. And free wi-fi too! FTW!


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