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Here at India Beats  we’ve only ever aimed at one thing – to show you around some of our favourite places / destinations sharing
a little bit of the passion we have for these destinations .
We promise to give you the best possible value -for-money adventures .
All our  crew have a passion for the land in which they work and have all travelled extensively themselves – so they know how to make your budgets stretch .
The trips and itineraries have been developed by local experts who passionately believe that their trip is the best in the world .
It makes for interesting end-of-year parties , but it means you get the best the destination has to offer.


Aditya Mendonca











Varun Jois


Rohit Ahuja


Consultant – Mr.Sahil Wahid




Association with Revel Travel Links Ltd


Photography Tours

‘You will find yourselves everywhere in India between an immense past and an immense future.” (Max Müller).

Photography Tours in India

We offer private customized photo tours & workshops

Mr. Yogi Kshatriya

Goldsmiths, University of London MA Image and Communication



Ms Priyanka Daga

Goldsmiths , University of London MA Image and Communication

Her work , is featured at the London Design Musuem .






Consultant – Bike Adventure Tours

Aashish Kumar


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