A Typical Day

Our day will start when you wake up (obviously). Grab a shower and get ready for some exploring!

We aim to depart at 6.30am each morning whilst on tour.

A typical day will see us cram in some walking, do plenty of sightseeing, hear countless tales and legends and learn more about our awesome history , meet new people etx.


We should arrive at our overnight destination at approximately 5.30pm.  After check-in, the night is then yours: have a shower, grab some dinner and party the night away to your heart’s content!

Options for dinner can vary dependent on where we stay.  In some villages or towns there are a choice of different restaurants / dhaba’s , /  so you can choose somewhere to suit your own budget/tastes.

Some of the hostels / Guest Houses may serve food too, offering you a hearty, healthy and good value feed.

Some hostels also have self-catering facilities, so if you’ve brought your own food, or have picked some up on the way, you can cook up your very own feast.

(Be aware that these facilities are often limited and are not suitable if every member of the group decides to self cater!)

Your Guide will often be around to take you to the best local restaurants / Indian bars  in search of friendly locals and some live music!

Or you can do your own thing: go for a wee stroll, find a quiet bar, relax in the hostel and read or watch some TV, or grab an early night in preparation for another action packed day



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